2017 Hospitality and Tourism Fall Summit

WOT Presentations:

Session: Insights from 2017 and Redefining Success (Highlights included Call of the WY, the Great Solar Eclipse and rapidly evolving KPI's)- Diane Shober, Executive Director
Session: Stakeholder Outreach (2018 Co-op program, local outreach strategy and regional discussion session) -Kristin Dialessi (formerly Phipps), Brand Integration Senior Manager and Michell Howard, Senior Director of Brand Strategy

*In the 'Stakeholder Outreach' presentation, on page 28, you will see the regional map, which shows the designated route leaders here at WOT (Salt to Stone/Cameron Ross; Rockies to Tetons/Britney Butler; Park to Park/Abigail Martin; Black to Yellow/Jennifer Adu).  We split up into four groups and discussed the questions you will see on page 28.

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