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National Parks & Monuments

Discover the wonder of Wyoming's most iconic landmarks and wilderness areas. Colorful pools, jagged peaks, otherworldy rock formations and breathtaking canyon walls remain untouched within state borders. Some of America's most pristine landscapes are living in Wyoming, beckoning adventure-seekers to take in their beauty.

Wyoming is home to the first national park (Yellowstone), the first national monument (Devils Tower), and the first national forest (Shoshone) as well as 25 national historic landmarks and 11 nationally recognized areas, trails and monuments. Start exploring Wyoming's preserved lands.

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National Park Pledge
National Park Pledge

There’s no place like our National Parks, and we need your help to protect them. Take the Pledge and join the growing number of people who treasure these national parks and the role they play in their lives.

To show my support for the National Park mission to preserve unimpaired the natural and cultural resources of public lands for future generations, I pledge to:

  • Respect wildlife: never approach or chase animals in order to take their picture.
  • Stay on boardwalks in thermal areas.
  • Protect thermal features by not throwing things into them.
  • Drive responsibly by observing posted speed limits and pulling over to let other cars pass.
  • Park in designated areas and make sure my car never blocks traffic.
  • Stay with my car if I’m stuck in a wildlife jam.
  • Follow best practices for traveling safely in bear country: carry bear spray, be alert, make noise, travel in groups, do not run.
  • Keep my food away from animals, and dispose of garbage in bear-proof cans.
  • Be a steward: report resource violations by calling 911 or talking with a park ranger.
  • Encourage others to take this pledge!

Thanks for putting the Pledge into action! If you see someone, in person or online, whose behavior might hurt them, others, or the park, tell a ranger. If you’re in the park, dial 911.

Take the pledge. Tell a friend. Protect the park.

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