On the Move. Brush a fossil. Feed a falcon. Dive into history.

Wyoming has a lot of opportunities to learn about science and nature and history. But we don’t like to put things behind glass. At the Lander Children’s Museum you can do activities to help you learn about math, science, art and music. You can tour the Teton Raptor Center to meet Ruby the Red-tailed Hawk and Gus the Golden Eagle. Sign up to “Dig for a Day” at the Wyoming Dinosaur Center and get your hands dirty as you help to unearth real fossils. Or you can go to the National Historic Trails Interpretive Center where you’ll go back in time to pull a Mormon handcart or ride a wagon across the Platte River. Wherever you go, you’ll find that learning can be fun!

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Historic Trails Interpretive Center   Cheyenne Depot Museum
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Cheyenne Frontier Days   Wyoming Dinosaur Center
Traveling Tips

Just like the pioneers, make sure you have everything you need for your Wyoming journey.

You'll need to decide on supplies, where to stay, time, money, etc. Check out some of our “Travel Tips.”

  1. Wyoming has the second highest elevation in the United States. With the high elevation, there is less oxygen and less atmosphere. Be sure to put on a lot of sunscreen. Play with some cowboy style - grab a hat and sunglasses before you head outside.
  2. Because there is less oxygen in the air, you can get tired faster. One good way to keep yourself from getting tired is to drink plenty of water. This will make sure that your body has the oxygen it needs to see all of the wonderful places in Wyoming.
  3. Weather is unpredictable in Wyoming. As in many states, the old saying is true: “If you don't like the weather, wait fifteen minutes or drive fifteen miles.” The weather is generally cool in the morning, and it might rain in the afternoon. So wherever you go, it is a good idea to have a jacket with you. In the higher elevations, snow is not unusual, even in the summer.
  4. Wyoming is in the Mountain Time Zone. Be sure to reset your clocks and watches. We wouldn't want you to be late for all of the fun that awaits you.
  5. One of the great attractions in Wyoming is our abundance of wildlife. We encourage people to view wildlife responsibly. This means keeping your distance from the animals. These animals may seem friendly, but they might not respond to your presence in a friendly way if you get too close.
  6. Camping is a large reason that many people come to our state. Be sure to bring some mosquito and bug repellant for the summer months.
  7. Wyoming has a lot of wide open spaces and many miles between towns, so don't forget to bring copies of the coloring pages, games and puzzles from our site to help pass the time away. Have you ever played the Alphabet Billboard game? The idea is to see who can find every letter in the alphabet on billboards and signs along the road. Only one person can use a billboard and the first person that calls it, gets to use it. Some of the letters like Q, X and Z are a challenge – can you find them all? Wyoming has visitors from all over the United States. Another fun game on the road is the License Plate game, where you try to find a license plate from all 50 states; this can be a real challenge sometimes!
  8. Wyoming has many back roads and byways. Take a trip off the beaten path like the early settlers did.
  9. Last but not least, don't forget your camera. There are so many beautiful things to see and do, you will want to capture those memories and take them home with you.