Wyoming Itineraries

Wyoming's open roads and beautiful scenery make it an ideal state for a road trip. But with over 97,000 square miles of possibility, deciding on how to best explore the state can be a little overwhelming. Itineraries act as trusted trail guides, leading you through the iconic parks, western history and outdoor adventures scattered throughout Wyoming, waiting to be discovered.

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Wyoming Regional Itineraries

Wyoming is broken into four regions, all of which travel toward the state's northwest corner, which is home to Grand Teton and Yellowstone national parks. These regions are meant to guide you through parts of the state that shouldn't be missed, including national forests, state parks, stunning mountain ranges, historical sites and more. Download regional itineraries below to start planning your trip.

Salt to Stone: Discover treasures like Fossil Butte National Monument, Killpecker Sand Dunes and Jackson Lake in this route from the southwest corner of Wyoming to the northwest.

Rockies to Tetons: Experience the grandeur of the Snowy, Medicine Bow, Seminoe and Wind River mountain ranges in this route traveling from south-central Wyoming to the state's northwest corner.

Park to Park: Fall in love with hospitable small towns, soak in soothing hot springs and delve into pioneer history in the route that travels from Wyoming's southeast corner to its northwest corner.

Black to Yellow: Feel small in the presence of natural landmarks like Devils Tower National Monument and the Bighorn Mountains. Enjoy hiking, biking and other outdoor pursuits on vast public lands along the region spanning Wyoming's northern border from east to west.

Wyoming National Park Itineraries

Wyoming is home to several national parks, monuments and historic sites, including Yellowstone, Grand Teton and Devils Tower. These stunning areas offer endless opportunities for exploration, allowing visitors to discover views, wildlife and history that can't be missed. Download an itinerary and start planning your trip to some of Wyoming's most iconic spots.

Grand Teton and Yellowstone: Sit back and enjoy the scenery on this road trip through two of America's most iconic national parks.

Wyoming Food and Drink Itineraries

Local flavor is easy to find in Wyoming. Farm-to-table restaurants, micro-breweries, distilleries and more can be found throughout the state, incorporating the untamed spirit of the West into each bite, sip and swig. Download an itinerary and add some savory stops to your Wyoming adventure.

Brewery Tour: Get in on Wyoming's craft brewery scene by sampling beer from around the state.

Distillery Tour: There's no denying the unbreakable bond between whiskey and the outdoors. Try Wyoming's take on this wild spirit and other drinks sure to wet your whistle.

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We love to see Wyoming through your eyes. Share your photos and travel stories with us by using #ThatsWY and tagging @VisitWyoming. 

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