European Markets

The United Kingdom and Germany

Wyoming has had representation in the UK and Germany since 1990.  The markets are considered Mature due to the strong relationships already established between Wyoming and the travel trade and media.  These markets continue to show strong inbound tourism numbers to the US.  Outside of Canada and Mexico, these markets rank 1, and 2 respectively.  Along with the strong support from the travel trade in these markets, the consumers have a very strong understanding of Wyoming’s product offerings and the American west.  While some of the travelers still prefer to travel in groups or on motorcoachs, the majority of the travelers are Foreign Independent Travelers (F.I.T) or are on a Fly Drive.   WOT continues to support these markets through sales missions, tradeshows, SEM’s, fam tours, advertising in publications, tour operator co-op marketing, and through monthly sales calls by the in-market representatives.  The importance of these markets to Wyoming’s success in the international realm is mirrored by the budget allocated annually.  

United Kingdom
UK Market Blueprint
UK Consumer Website

German Market Blueprint
German Consumer Website
German In-Language Video

France and Italy

France and Italy are considered Established Markets for Wyoming.  The classification as established is due to their steady number of visitors to the United States as well as the relationships that have been built with the top media and travel trade.  Wyoming has had representation actively promoting in Italy and France since 1992.  These two markets are both projected to continue at the current level of inbound visitors through 2018.  Both Italy and France are markets that visitors still continue to do the majority of their bookings through the travel trade due to the insurance if issues arise.  As established markets that aren’t projecting huge growth numbers, WOT will look to invest in marketing opportunities in these markets at a reduced level with the majority of the outreach taking place through FAM tours and international shows located in the US.


France Market Blueprint
France Consumer Website


Italy Market Blueprint
Italy Consumer Website

Nordic Region/Benelux

The Nordic Region (Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland), and the Benelux Region (Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxemburg) make up the the Opportunity Markets for Wyoming.  These regions are in the classification as opportunity due to their relatively small number of visitors sent to the US annually.  The Nordic Region sends roughly 2.5 million visitors to the US each year with little projected change.  WY has built strong relationships with the largest tour operators in the region as well as the top media outlets since conducting the first sales mission in 2005.  The marketing in the Nordic Region will continue to reflect the relatively low ceiling of growth while still reaching the visitors through the framework in place. 

The Benelux Region is very similar to the Nordic region in terms of projected growth and opportunity.  The three countries of Belgium, the Netherlands, and Luxemburg have strong value with limited upside to increased marketing.  The majority of the outreach in these countries are done through the internet and digital campaigns.  The marketing in the Benelux region will remain at a reduced level through in-market representation, international shows held domestically, and small distribution of materials at the large tradeshows in country through the travel trade.   

Nordic Region
Nordic Region Market Blueprint
Sweden Consumer Website
Finland Consumer Website
Denmark Consumer Website
Norway Consumer Website

Benelux Region
Benelux Market Blueprint
Benelux Consumer Website

For more information regarding WOT's presence within the European Market or for information regarding promotional opportunities, please contact: James Scoon, Director of Global Sales & Services.