The Wyoming Office of Tourism uses the SMARI Wyoming Visitor Profile Report conducted by Strategic Marketing and Research, as well as other research to develop our current domestic consumer target.  Additionally, the Wyoming Office of Tourism continues to work on enhancing the economic impact of motorcoach/package travel in the state of Wyoming, as well as marketing Wyoming to sell specific product. 

Consumer Targets:

Wyoming visitors remain overwhelmingly affluent, with the majority married and college educated.  The average age remains in the upper 40s and the average income continues to increase.  Therefore, our target includes adults aged 30 to 70 who spend $1,000 or more on vacation travel per year and live in Salt Lake City, UT, Denver, CO, Los Angeles, CA and New York, NY.  Secondary focus is on Chicago, IL and Minneapolis-St. Paul, MN. 

Canada & Mexico:

In addition to our marketing efforts domestically, we continually work to develop and expand our advertising efforts and increase our presence in the secondary markets of Canada, Mexico and South America.  The Wyoming Office of Tourism reaches the consumers in these markets through Brand USA Programs, hosting trade and media FAMs and through tradeshows.  Tradeshows include the National Tour Association, American Bus Association and Travel Alliance Partners.  Specific marketing activities include, search engine marketing in the Canadian and Mexican markets, Familiarization tours originating in the US and Canada, NTA Contact and PR/Media events currently in the US and Canada and exploring Mexico opportunities.  The Wyoming Office of Tourism hosted a media reception in Toronto in the spring of 2016 and have recently evolved our advertising target to include international outreach to Edmonton and Vancouver as well.  We plan to organize and conduct sales missions in both Canada and Mexico in the future.  Canada in particular offers great opportunities due to drive and fly accessibility to Wyoming.

South America:

We are currently researching the South American market and hope to increase our presence there in the future.  Brazil and Argentina arePotential Markets because of the projected number of visitors they will be sending, economy, interest levels, ability to reach the US and visa waiver countries.  The majority of outreach to these countries comes through FAMS and international tradeshows located domestically.  Going forward, WOT will work with interested DMO’s, Brand USA, Office of Travel and Tourism Industries, US Commercial Service and Discover America.  Public relations connections will also be made through JHMR in Brazil as well as in Mexico.

Psychographic Segmentation:

Within our demographic target, we incorporate psychographic/behavioral segmentation as a way to further refine and focus our media buys to reach potential Wyoming travelers – a mix of more adventurous, more curious and more experience-driven people for whom travel has become a lifestyle and who wish to experience a real western lifestyle. 

Tour Operators and Packaged Travel Targets:

In addition to targeting the Canadian consumer traveler, the Wyoming Office of Tourism also facilitates the domestic travel trade program that focuses on increasing the number of packaged tours and independent travelers from within the U.S. by working with tour operators to promote packaged travel to Wyoming. 

Packaged travel is a trip arranged by a travel professional that includes at least two travel elements, such as transportation and accommodation.  Packaged travelers may travel independently (often referred as FIT) or as part of a group. 

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