Target Markets

The mission of the Wyoming Office of Tourism is to promote and facilitate increased travel to and within the state of Wyoming. The markets of focus to accomplish this are: Americas, Europe, Oceania, and Asia. Many of these audiences are reached through Wyoming's full-time, in-market representatives such as Fieldstar International for the Japanese market and Rocky Mountain International (RMI) for the European, Nordic and Oceania regions.

Marketing efforts by the Wyoming Office of Tourism are key to accomplishing this mission. Wyoming strives to use marketing dollars to their highest potential by efficiently delivering messages that highlight Wyoming’s abundant outdoor recreation, rich cultural heritage, significant national historic sites, pristine national parks, and stunning natural beauty. The Wyoming Office of Tourism targets high yield, experience-hungry travelers, who are likely to be receptive to the products that are available in Wyoming.

The Wyoming Office of Tourism continually evaluates upcoming markets and trends to determine the most effective marketing opportunities. 


Market Training:

Recently, the Wyoming Office of Tourism's Global Sales and Services team partnered with China Luxury Advisors to offer China Ready Workshops throughout the state. Below are presentation slides from these workshops.

If you have questions about any of these markets, please contact:  

James Scoon
Director of Global Sales and Services
(307) 777-2852
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Jim Wollenburg
Global Sales & Services Integration Manager
(307) 777-8561
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Jenn Adu
Global Sales & Services Partner Activation Manager
(307) 777-2499
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Tour operators from Germany, Netherlands, France, Italy, and Los Angeles experienced Wyoming at a RMI Round-Up post-FAM.