Cowboy Marketing

Rodeo is part of the very fabric of Wyoming. The showcase event in almost every town in the summer is highlighted by a rodeo. Our cowboy marketing program was developed to market Wyoming in a unique way via the professional athletes who have reached the ultimate goal of competing at the national finals rodeo in Las Vegas. That event is broadcast nationally on television for ten nights each December and our cowboys wearing the ‘Wyoming’ brand on their shirts, vests, and helmets afford increased awareness and attention in terms of creating more potential interest in visiting Wyoming.

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In the Public Eye

Several significant rodeo events take place in markets of great interest to our tourism marketing program, i.e. NFR in Las Vegas, Omaha, Denver and Boise (Caldwell) and beyond. WOT engages in promotional endeavors including consumer booths at events and allows our cowboys to meet fans, sign autographs and promote their state while at the same time we provide consumers with Wyoming tourism materials.

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