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Extranet Rules & Guidelines 


About the new Listings, Events & Deals Extranet provides opportunities for promoting your business to Wyoming travelers. The site features personalized business and event profile listing pages with a design that brings the most important information front and center for viewers of your profile. All of this is produced by users of the Extranet. Please read out Extranet Rules & Guidelines to ensure your understanding of this system's purpose and expectations.

System Requirements

  • Internet Explorer 9+
  • Firefox
  • Google Chrome
  • Safari
  • Opera

How to Log In

Enter your email address and password on the log in screen and click the "Sign in" button.

New Users

Forgot Password?

Click the I forgot my password link.

Enter your email address and click the Send password reset email button.

You will be emailed a link to reset your password from a sender called "Miles Partnership". NOTE: Check your spam folder if not initially found in inbox.

For security reasons passwords must be updated by requesting a reset. WOT staff has no way to reset passwords manually. Follow the direction above to use the I forgot my password link to reset your password.

  • Fill out the form with all required* fields and click the Submit button.
  • Once approved by WOT, you will receive an email notification and will be able to log in and submit new listings and events – click here for details on what may be listed.

Extranet Dashboard

After logging in, your dashboard will be displayed. You will use the dashboard to add new listings, events & deals and to make updates to your existing listings, events & deals.

Use the left hand navigation to move through the section screens for review and updates.

Under the DASHBOARD view you will see your Business Name, updates under What’s New and a summary of your Recently Updated Listings.

Use the tools in the top right of the header for help to –

Add a New listing, event or deal


Contact the Help Desk with any questions or concerns

Sign Out

Keep in mind that certain updates to your business listings and events must be approved by WOT. PLEASE ALLOW UP TO 3 FULL BUSINESS DAYS FOR APPROVAL OF ANY CHANGES TO APPEAR ON

Manage Your Account

If you have more than one account under your management you may use the drop down in the top left navigation under your username to switch accounts.

Once in the appropriate account click on MANAGE at the bottom of the left navigation menu. From there you can see the users and update settings.


Click on USERS for the main screen to display the users on the account in a list format with Email, First & Last names and Role.

Click on SETTINGS to edit account information by clicking the edit button in the top right of the Account Information screen or use the orange Delete button to Delete the Account. Please note, once you delete an account, there is no going back. It will be deleted forever, as well as the listings, events, deals and media linked to it. 



You have the ability to add multiple business listings, events & deals under your account from your main dashboard screen.

From the DASHBOARD, click the + button in the top right of the header tools. The dropdown allows you to choose what you would like to add.

Add a New listing, event or deal


From the LISTINGS view, click the Create listing button on the top right.

The Add Listing form will be displayed, enter the Business Information, physical address, select your published city from the drop down menu, choose your appropriate categories and enter your description.

Categories are closely monitored by the Wyoming Office of Tourism. When selecting your categories, understand that they need to be directly related to your business. For example, a business located near a scenic byway, can NOT cateogorize themselves as a "Scenic Byway".

Please note *required fields and character count outlines.

  • Click the Create button. Your new listing is now created. You will see a “success” message at the top of the screen and you are then allowed to make edits. 

  • The page will reload showing the modules you can edit for your new listing. Follow instructions for editing a listing in this document.
  • Remember that your new listing information must be approved by WOT before it will show up on Please allow up to 3 business days.
  • To go back to your list view without editing, click on the LISTINGS link in the left navigation menu and you will see the added listing in the main screen.

To update additional listing information navigate to the appropriate section by clicking on the section name in the left navigation.


To update events navigate to the event screen by clicking on EVENTS in the left navigation. Your events will appear in a list format by default.

The listing view shows the business name, event dates and last updated date.

Use the Action buttons on the far right to Edit or Delete events. If you wish for an event to be 

To search your events just enter a keyword in the search field at the top such as part of the event name.

You may also switch to a Calendar view of your events by clicking on the Calendar tab at the top under your business name.

Remember that certain changes you make will go to an approval queue prior to publishing on


To update deals navigate to the Deals screen by clicking on DEALS in the left navigation. Your deals will appear in an alphabetical list format by default. Click on the arrows next to the Title header to resort the alphabetical list.

The listing view shows the business name, event dates and last updated date.

Use the Action buttons on the far right to Edit or Delete deals.

To search your deals just enter a keyword in the search field in the top right search box such as part of the event name.

Remember that certain changes you make will go to an approval queue prior to publishing on

NOTE: A deal will not appear on one's business listing unless it is assigned to that listing. 

Listings Updates

To see and edit the listings in your account, click on LISTINGS in the left menu. That will display your current listings in the main screen and designate which listings are Active with a green button and which are Expired or Inactive with an orange button.

The listing view shows the business name, address and last updated date.

Use the search field to find listings quickly. Just enter a keyword in the search field such as part of the business name.

To view or edit your listing data, click on the blue EDIT button. To delete the listing, you must first inactivate it by selecting ACTIVE and opting for INACTIVE. Then the listing can be deleted. 

NOTE: If a listing is deleted but not inactivated, it will still live on

To edit Business Information, Map location, Phone numbers, Emails and Websites – click the EDIT button the top right of the appropriate edit box.

This will open the edit box and display open fields to make changes. You may choose Undo in the right corner to undo changes. Otherwise click Cancel or the Save button once done.



Photos and documents should first be edited in the Extranet library and can then be managed for your listing, event or deal.

To add, remove and update photos and documents click on the desired menu item in the left navigation.

Photos are displayed with thumbnail images labeled with their file name.

Click Edit in the top right corner of each photo box to update the photo caption, assign it to listings, events and/or deals.

Use the orange delete button on the top right corner of the photo to delete the photo. To add a photo use the +Upload photo button in the top right of the main screen. This function allows you to drag and drop files into the window for upload or click to choose the file from your computer. A maximum of (5) photos is allowed per listing/event.

NOTE: A photo will not appear on unless it is assigned to either a listing or event. 

The same functionality exists for uploading DOCUMENTS.This section is ideal for brochures, and other PDF's that are relevant to your listing.

One can also upload videos to be embedded onto their listing. A YouTube URL is required.

Need help? and enter your request.

For guidelines and restrictions of the Official Travelers Journal industry partner listings click here.

For more information on the opportunities offered by WOT please click here.

If you are interested in purchasing a Featured Listing or additional exposure on, please contact Jim Wilkinson with Miles at [email protected] or 225-364-9846 to discuss advertising opportunities.

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