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About the Wyoming Office of Tourism

The Wyoming Office of Tourism (WOT) is the agency charged with bringing non-resident visitors to Wyoming by promoting the state as a vacation destination to both domestic and international audiences. The local tourism industry relies on WOT to create an umbrella marketing campaign, promoting Wyoming as an ideal vacation destination and positioning Wyoming against competitive brands as the destination of choice.

WOT Departments

The Wyoming Office of Tourism is divided into three departments: Brand Studio, Global Sales & Services, and Business Operations.  These departments work collaboratively to grow the Wyoming visitor economy, champion the destination and the brand, maximize the impact of our partnerships and ensure organizational excellence.

  • The Brand Studio continually strives to evolve the “That’s WY” brand into something that evokes an emotional connection and encourages participation with Wyoming’s culture, wildlife, and sense of adventure.
    • The Brand Integration team aims to achieve this through interactive marketing, content development, creative services, and visual assets. Their goal is to leverage all the channels we have to illustrate Wyoming as the premier destination for visitors who want to experience true west.
    • The Strategic Partnerships team serves Wyoming by proactively developing relationships that will positively impact Wyoming's visitor economy. This is achieved through film production, industry relations, and corporate and non-traditional partnerships.
    • Visitor Services assists by strengthening Wyoming’s brand associations, increasing consumer engagement while in Wyoming; and increasing the likelihood of repeat visitation.  A significant component of the visitor engagement strategy is the role that Wyoming Welcome Centers play in inspiring and influencing travel throughout the state.
    • Media & PR oversees all WOT communication to the media and the public.  The team manages all aspects of WOT's media strategy and directs the contracted PR services including the creation and distribution of all press materials and assets.
  • Global Sales & Services leverages Wyoming as an ideal destination among international travelers, the Global Sales & Services team works to foster relationships and partnerships with Brand USA, travel trade, media and other strategic connections from all over the world. This team travels regularly, participating in trade shows and sales missions, and conducts familiarization tours in order to generate awareness for Wyoming to be our international markets’ destination of choice.
  • The Business Operations team works diligently to maintain an accurate account of all financial records and develops and maintains WOT’s budget. Business Operations is charged with handling all inventory and facility maintenance. This staff provides excellent operational assistance to the entire Wyoming Office of Tourism in order to support the brand and its marketing initiatives.