Hot Springs

Hot Springs

For centuries, the hot springs of Wyoming have been revered attractions. Native Americans, even if they were from warring tribes, used to settle down shoulder-to-shoulder into hot springs along the banks of the North Platte River, where they believed the water had healing powers. Settlers traveling westward on the Oregon Trail also stopped along the way to soak their weary feet. Modern visitors still flock to the naturally heated pools and springs to relax and have some fun. Check out these popular soaking spots.

Open year-round, these steamy attractions are especially fun in chilly weather, when swirling snowflakes make the warm waters even more enchanting. Experience the wonder for yourself at one of these popular Wyoming hot springs.  Here are 5 Amazing Hot Springs you won’t want to miss:

Hot Springs State Park Thermopolis 
Hobo PoolSaratoga
Saratoga Resort & SpaSaratoga
Granite Hot SpringsJackson
Boiling River Hot SpringsYellowstone National Park



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