Green River and Beyond

Green River


With its beautiful scenery, rugged outdoors and abundant recreation, Green River attracts thrill-seekers and nature-lovers of all stripes. From world-class fishing and wildlife watching to family sports complexes, river rafting, kayaking and swimming, you will find everything you need to enjoy this unique corner of Wyoming. 

About Green River, Wyoming

John Wesley Powell recognized the beauty of Green River in 1869 on his way south to the splendor of the Grand Canyon. But today, Green River is a recreational hot spot, offering both indoor and outdoor fun year-round and a chance to see Wyoming’s diverse wildlife. Enjoyed by go-getters and naturalists alike, the area’s natural beauty is carefully preserved in public lands with many trails, parks and rock formations to enjoy.

Things to Do in Green River


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At the Seedskadee National Wildlife Refuge, 27 miles northeast, keep a sharp watch for antelope, moose, mule deer and a variety of birds including sandhill cranes and blue herons. The site where the Sweetwater County Library now stands was once a city cemetery. In 1926, the bodies and grave markers were moved to make way for a park. The library was built in 1978; since 1985, many unexplained occurrences have been reported. A "ghost log" has since been established to record the library's mysterious phenomena, from whispered names, doors opening and closing and office machines turning on and off to the sounds of crumpling paper and rattling keys in empty rooms.       

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