Evanston was founded in November of 1868 during the first Transcontinental Railroad project when Union Pacific crews were laying track through this part of the county. It has the only remaining complete roundhouse on the old Union Pacific line between Omaha and Sacramento. 

Surrounded by mountains on all sides, Evanston is a recreational mecca for fishing, hunting, hiking, mountain biking, wildlife viewing, camping and many other outdoor recreational opportunities. The Bear River flowing right through town presents opportunities for a whole host of activities.

The Evanston area embraces ranching, agriculture, and development of natural resources.  Within a few minutes’ drive you can enjoy the north slope of the Uinta Mountains where there is something for nearly everyone.  In other directions you will see abundant wildlife including bull elk and buffalo within the Bear River State Park.

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Are you looking for a taste of the real frontier life? Every Labor Day Weekend, a Mountain Man Rendezvous is hosted at Fort Bridger State Historic Site.

Native Americans in Evanston, Wyoming
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Checking out the restored Roundhouse, or walking the grounds of the Fort Bridger State Historic Site, between Evanston and Green River. The fort was a trading post for pioneers and miners built in the 1840s. Over Labor Day weekend the Fort hosts the Mountain Man Rendezvous, a festival that will give you a taste of real frontier life.

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