With its preserved wild nature, what's not to love?

WY am I here?: Yellowstone, A Love Story

Everyone loves Yellowstone- it’s natural wonders leave visitors in awe, but what about the staff that help make the experience truly special? For Ruth and Leslie Quinn Yellowstone really is a love story.

Working for Xanterra Parks and Resorts for a respective 27 and 36 years, these two have fallen in love with the park and with each other. After being recruited with posters and from a college campus, both began their work in Yellowstone as seasonal employees, Ruth at the front desk of the Lake Yellowstone Hotel and Leslie in the transportation department. Meeting during Ruth’s second summer in the park, the couple became inseparable and were later married.

Having visited the park for the first time as adults, they now work year round guiding tours and training new tour guides. Ruth shared her love of the architecture of historic structures in Yellowstone like the Old Faithful Inn, while Leslie’s favorite part of Yellowstone history is the story of steamboats on Yellowstone lake.  With evidence of humans in this area for more than 11,000 years, Yellowstone was name the First National Park in 1872. It is home to more than two million acres of land and host to iconic spots like the Old Faithful geyser and the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone.

Spending most days of the year in the park Leslie said “I do love the park every day of the year.” Both expressed two favorite times to be in the park: the high part of summer when the wildflowers are in peak season and the warm days are perfect for day hiking. Also, later in the fall season where a little nip in the air creates the perfect atmosphere to observe the active wildlife while on a longer backpacking trek.

Ready to explore Yellowstone for yourself? According to Leslie, “If you are thinking about coming to Yellowstone, it is likely that you have heard that we have great forests, wild animals, and thermal features beyond compare to any other place on the planet and we do, but one does not hear often enough is that in and of themselves those are not the things that are preserved in Yellowstone, It’s the wild nature of them all that is preserved in Yellowstone.” he says. And that wild nature is the “WY” that keeps the Quinns here year after year.

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