Laramie, Wyoming’s Adventure, Attractions, and More

In this next installment of our  "spotlight" series, we're focusing on a unique town in Southeast Wyoming that is a highlight of many vacations and the crown jewel of that perfect hidden-gem getaway you've been craving. Keep reading to find out what Laramie, Wyoming has to offer you and your family for your next vacation.

When you think of Laramie, Wyoming, your mind might automatically jump to think of the college town adorned in brown and gold and home to Wyoming's beloved university. But if you stop there, you're only scratching the surface, and  missing all this town has to offer.

Laramie, while it is a vibrant college town budding with fun events and a fabulous microbrew scene, also offers a historical depth that gives a rare glimpse into Wyoming's Old West history. Among Laramie's historical must-sees is the Wyoming Territorial Prison, an engaging and  historic site located right of I-80 (Exit 311.)

Wyoming Territorial Prison


The Territorial Prison is an intriguing site, inviting you to tour the prison where famous outlaws were once incarcerated.  Among the infamous inmates that once occupied a cell at the Territorial Prison was none other than Butch Cassidy,  who served 18 months behind bars. Hear the tales and legends that fill the erie hallways of the prison on their guided tours offered Friday thru Monday.

Step into Wyoming's very own "Jurassic Park" at the University's Geological Museum where you'll get to see staggering displays of  real Dinosaur bone exhibits. We recommend checking out "Big Al", the display of the most complete Allosaurus fossil ever found.

Looking to satisfy your need for fresh mountain air and wide open, untamed spaces? Venture out into one of the many spectacular mountain ranges surrounding the Laramie area. Whether you're looking to hike the famous Medicine Bow Peak, fish in the Snowy Range, or rock climb Vedauwoo's world class trad routes, the Laramie area has something to satisfy outdoor enthusiasts of all affinity and skill sets. And, you'll come back with some absolutely stellar photographs. Trust us.

Snowys Sugarloaf Wide


Another unique opportunity that Laramie holds is the Deerwood Ranch Wild Horse EcoSanctuary where you can behold the magnificence of over 300 wild mustangs.  The site provides tours and a local guest ranch to spend the night.

As any good mountain town should, Laramie also has several breweries, steakhouses, and other delicious spots to pique your interest after a long day exploring.  There's a wide variety to choose from that will satisfy the appetite for just about anyone. Vegetarian and looking for a hearty meal? Head downtown to Sweet Melissa's for a warm plate of satisfying (and healthy!) cuisine. Or, if you're more interested in a true Wyoming plate, head to Altitude Chophouse for a cooked-to-perfection prime rib with a pale ale.

Food Prime Rib


Need an excuse to make a trip to Laramie a near-future reality? This town's got some great events coming up that you would do well not to miss. Among their esteemed annual events,  Laramie Jubilee Days stands out as a family favorite.  This celebration was initiated to commemorate the Golden Anniversary of Wyoming's statehood, and since then has evolved into a spectacular event with street dances, parades, fair rides, bull riding and more.



Wanting something more catered to the young adult crowd? Check out Laramie's Snowy Range Music Festival and of course, their Brewfest.

Ready to wrangle up the fam and hit the road to Laramie? We don't blame you. Check out Laramie's website for more information on what to do and what to see in this unique, historic, and adventurously epic Wyoming town.

Ever been to Laramie? What was your favorite part?

Photos courtesy of Visit Laramie.