Explore the Routes to Wyoming's National Parks

A visit to Grand Teton and Yellowstone National Parks has come to define the quintessential American vacation, and the northwest corner of Wyoming is truly one of those places everyone should see at least once. Planning a road trip to our beloved national parks is the perfect opportunity to experience all Wyoming has to offer.


Road-Trip-Planning Tips

Check out the map to get acquainted with Wyoming’s regions: Salt to Stone, Rockies to Tetons, Park to Park and Black to Yellow.

Use these road-trip itineraries to find the perfect route to Yellowstone and Grand Teton national parks from different entry points around the state and learn about all there is to see and do along the way.

While lodging in the parks ranges from campgrounds to lovely historic lodges, cities and towns outside of the park also offer convenient lodging options — as well as easy access to all the other fabulous activities and outdoor recreation opportunities Wyoming is know for. Find campgrounds and other accommodations near the parks here.

Learn more about Wyoming’s national parks and monuments on the following pages.

Getting to Know Wyoming’s Regions

Discover treasures like Fossil Butte National Monument, Killpecker Sand Dunes and Jackson Lake in the Salt to Stone region

Experience the grandeur of the Snowy, Medicine Bow, Seminoe and Wind River mountain range and explore Wyoming’s capital city, Cheyenne,  in the Rockies to Tetons region.

Fall in love with hospitable small towns, soak in soothing hot springs and delve into pioneer history in the Park to Park region

Feel dwarfed by natural landmarks like Devils Tower National Monument and the Bighorn Mountains, and enjoy hiking, biking and other outdoor pursuits on vast public lands in the Black to Yellow region.

There’s no place like our National Parks, and we need your help to protect them. Take the Pledge and join the growing number of people who treasure these national parks and the role they play in their lives.

National Park Service Pledge

To show my support for the National Park Service mission to preserve unimpaired the natural and cultural resources of National Parks for future generations, I pledge to:

  • Respect wildlife: never approach or chase animals in order to take their picture.
  • Stay on boardwalks in thermal areas.
  • Protect thermal features by not throwing things into them.
  • Drive responsibly by observing posted speed limits and pulling over to let other cars pass.
  • Park in designated areas and make sure my car never blocks traffic.
  • Stay with my car if I’m stuck in a wildlife jam.
  • Follow best practices for traveling safely in bear country: carry bear spray, be alert, make noise, travel in groups, do not run.
  • Keep my food away from animals, and dispose of garbage in bear-proof cans.
  • Be a steward: report resource violations by calling 911 or talking with a park ranger.
  • Encourage others to take this pledge!