Every Kid in a Park: Grand Teton and Yellowstone

Recently, President Barack Obama made a very important announcement that will add a ton of awesome to the lives of 4th graders both near and far: the "Every Kid in a Park" initiative. This initiative will provide all 4th grade students and their families with free admission to the United States' spectacular national parks throughout the 2015-16 school year. Talk about awesome. "Every Kid in a Park" means that every fourth grader will have the unique opportunity to witness the unparalleled grandeur of the Grand Tetons, stand in awe of Jenny Lake, witness Old Faithful erupt for the first time, or gaze upon grand prismatic in complete fascination ― for free. Family fun at Old Faithful5  You truly can't put a price on those experiences, and now, you don't have to! You and your family (and a fourth grader!) can obtain a free pass for the year. "Every Kid in A Park" ultimately demonstrates the need for our nation to put a greater value on getting outside and encouraging kids (both those in age, and at heart!) to step away from the tablets, TVs, and game systems, and get out and explore nature. According to a White House press release, more than 80 percent of American families lack easy access to safe outdoor spaces, while America's public lands offer a surplus of adventure and opportunity. This is an unfortunate reality that can be remedied with new initiatives like Every Kid in a Park, encouraging our nation's youth to get out and get a taste of some unbridled fun in Wyoming's national parksStean silhouettesWyoming is the ultimate playground with thousands of acres waiting to be explored, not to mention, two spectacular national parks: Yellowstone and Grand Teton.  With so much to experience right outside our doors, this free opportunity ought to compel you and your family to take the plunge and plan that road trip to a destination that will offer memories to last a lifetime. With summer right around the corner, and our national parks beckoning you and your family to come and uncover their mysterious beauty, now's the time to plan your trip. Order our FREE vacation guide, signup for our enewsletter for some trip inspiration, or click around on our map to find the places you wanna see along your route. Picnicking in Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming Whatever your plans are, make sure to take your kids and get outside this spring and summer season, and help get every kid you know in one of our national parks. You won't regret it! Check out the President's declaration of "Every Kid in a Park" here: