5 Adventures To Be Had At Flaming Gorge

Flaming Gorge is one of Wyoming's prized recreational gems tucked away in our Southwest corner. Water-activity enthusiasts, anglers, and outdoorsy types of all walks of life are drawn to the area's expansive, glass-like waters offering plentiful opportunities for limitless fun and uninterrupted relaxation. If you're looking for that one final taste of summer, check out our list of the 5 adventures to have at Flaming Gorge before the leaves begin to turn.

1. Fishing

Brown Trout at Flaming Gorge It's true that Wyoming is a fisherman's paradise, and Flaming Gorge's 300 miles of shoreline lives up perfectly to that accolade. Trout weighing in at over 20 pounds are not uncommon,  and are often caught  here at "the Gorge".  Anglers will also find a wide variety of fish species ranging from burbot, kokanee salman,  trout and more in these waters. If you're looking for a fishing report, or just some advice on what lures are working best that day, head over to the buckboard marina for friendly advice.  

2. Boating and Jet Skiing

Flaming Gorge National Recreation Area, Wyoming

The entire reservoir is 91 miles long, affording you, your companion, or the whole fam plenty of room to explore the seemingly endless shorelines and coves .  You'll cruise along amazing vistas basking in what is sure to be a clear sky with glittering sunshine adorning the expansive waters. Need a rental? Check out one of the following areas for places to get the perfect boat or jet ski for the day. Lucerne Valley Marina Buckboard Marina  

3. Camping

camping in flaming gorge Camping in Flaming Gorge is most definitely a treat. The piece of mind from the serene landscapes and wide open skies paints the perfect backdrop for a much needed getaway. Bring an RV if you're wanting a little more shelter, though an old fashioned tent will afford you the perfect accommodations for a no-frills night under the stars. And speaking of stars, this area is one of the best to see them, particularly on those coveted clear Wyoming nights. Be sure to keep the top cover off your tent so you can fall asleep under these beauts. For a list of camping sites and reservations, check out the area's page or our listings here.  

4. Hiking and Biking

FlamingGorge Mtn. Biking Sometimes a day of sitting in the sun relaxing  to the tune of "reel, cast, reel, cast" or simply kicking back on the boat can leave you a little restless. Luckily, the Flaming Gorge area has several hikes varying in level of ability to pump air into your lungs and quench your desire for a little adventure... and dare we day exercise? Check out this list of hikes right in the area. A word of caution though, the sights you behold at the summit will leave you wanting more.

5. Horseback Riding

Ah, horseback riding. Quite possibly one of the most authentic ways to experience Wyoming's western land. Flaming Gorge covers hundreds of miles, so what better way to see it all than on the back of a horse? Take in the scenery while also unleashing the inner cowboy  or girl in you. That's what we do in Wyoming. This list wouldn't be complete without mentioning the simple perfection of just setting up your favorite lawn chair, or laying out a blanket to drink in one of Flaming Gorge's sunrises or sunsets. (with a cold one in hand, if you're into that). FP_WY200705_ 36

There needn't be an agenda or activity associated with taking in the warmth of the sun, the rolling peaks of the surrounding landscapes of the Gorge's shoreline, or the thought of knowing that all the stress of work, bills, the kids or whatever is plaguing your mind can be released in these quieted areas in and around Flaming Gorge. As with most vacations and weekend trips, you'll likely not want this one to end. Which is precisely why we've conjured up a list of more things to do while you're in the area. Check out a local event, experience some of the history of Wyoming, or visit more breathtaking sights around Southwest, Wyoming. We'll see you soon.