10 Ways to Have a Positive Eclipse-Viewing Experience in Wyoming

On August 21, 2017, the total solar eclipse will span more than 365 miles in Wyoming—starting near Jackson on the west side of the state all the way to Torrington on the eastern edge of Wyoming—as this celestial event travels from west to east over the Cowboy State. And with wide-open spaces, plenty of room to roam and endless epic landscapes, Wyoming is one of the best places in the country to view this summer's eclipse. In an effort to ensure our eclipse watchers, both residents and visitors alike, have a memorable experience in Wyoming, here are 10 tips for your Wyoming eclipse-viewing trip this summer. 

1. Plan ahead and give yourself plenty of travel time. It's hard to say exactly how many visitors to expect in Wyoming during the eclipse, but we are anticipating that there will be a substantial increase in traffic before, during and after the eclipse. However, the good news is that Wyoming has a well-maintained highway system that's equipped to handle additional visitors. With that said, give yourself more time to travel to your eclipse-viewing destination of choice than you think you need. Our best advice: avoid arriving in Wyoming the day of the eclipse. Instead, plan to come early and stay late. But if you are traveling in for the day (we love day trippers), be sure to allot more travel time than you think you may need.  

2. Don't depend solely on your cell phone. While Wyoming's vast and epic landscapes are stunning, it also means that cell service is not always dependable. We recommend bringing a Wyoming map or travel guide (order a free guide here) to help navigate your travels. Free maps can be picked up at local visitor centers, chambers of commerce and Wyoming Welcome Centers.

3. Follow speed limits, laws, rules and regulations. Wyoming's roads were made for traveling and you'll see plenty of 80 mph stretches on our interstate highways. However, keep in mind that traffic will be heavier than usual so it's important to observe all posted speed limits and that you are courteous with your fellow drivers. In addition, please be respectful of Wyoming's laws, rules and regulations, especially as they relate to campfires, campsites and parking areas (no parking is allowed alongside highways and interstates). 

4. Gas up. While Wyoming has plenty of places to fuel up, some areas of the state have long stretches of highways that are only home to stunning landscapes, wildlife and some of the prettiest views you'll ever see. Be sure to purchase fuel for your car whenever possible. 

5. Bring eclipse glasses. To watch this summer's total solar eclipse safely, it's important that you wear special eclipse-viewing glasses. Please note that regular sunglasses do not provide the amount of eye protection needed to view the eclipse. Some Wyoming partners, including Wyoming State Parks, will have eclipse glasses available, but plan to purchase your own in advance of arriving in the Cowboy State. 

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6. Stay off the beaten path. Many accommodations within the path of totality are already booked for the eclipse, but the great news is that no matter where you stay in Wyoming you are within a 2-hour drive of the path of totality. 

7. Make it a road trip. We know that your main reason for coming to Wyoming in mid-August is to see the eclipse and we're excited to welcome you! Along the way, be sure to take advantage of the many things to see and do in Wyoming, check out these road trip routes  and don't be afraid to explore more undiscovered areas.  

8. Pack it up. There are plenty of restaurants, convenience stores, grocery stores and bistros to fill your tummy and pick up snacks as you visit Wyoming, but we recommend that you pack and drink plenty of water (Wyoming summers can get hot), bring sunscreen and pack a light fleece, as our temperatures tend to cool off in the evening. 

9. Be patient. Believe us when we tell you that Wyoming is one of the best places to watch the eclipse on August 21, 2017. As many people will be traveling to, in and around the state during the eclipse, travel will be slower than usual, wait times for dining will be extended and you may encounter more people than you'd typically expect in Wyoming. Be sure to pack your patience. 

10. Enjoy Wyoming. We want your time in Wyoming to be one of your most happy and memorable vacations. If you have questions, feel free to reach out to our office (tweet us at @WyomingTourism) or stop into one of our Wyoming Welcome Centers where our staff can point you in the right direction, share their insider knowledge and provide you with a warm western welcome. Be sure to share photos from your trip with #WYEclipse and #ThatsWY. 

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