Cheyenne, Wyoming

Top 5 Winter Activities in Cheyenne

Discover the wintertime charms in this historic Wyoming city

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During Cheyenne’s winter months, outdoor activities don’t stop. What were once hiking trails become a wonderland for tubing, sledding, snowshoeing, cross-country skiing and, most recently, fat biking. Curt Gowdy State Park and Medicine Bow National Forest provide accessible, fun family adventure, with annual snowfall amounts in excess of 50 inches and diverse landscapes for all kinds of winter activities.

1. Snowshoeing

When snow cloaks the untouched countryside, the best way to experience it is by strapping on a pair of snowshoes and finding a trail. From casual snowshoers who hike trails for scenery to snowshoeing enthusiasts who trek the backcountry in search of a workout, all will find it a user-friendly activity for all ages. It’s inexpensive, easy to learn, runs little risk of injury and is a great way to get outdoors during the winter months. Rentals are available at Rock on Wheels in downtown Cheyenne.

2. Cross-country skiing

To avoid crowds and lift lines, explore the snow-covered Wyoming wilderness on cross-country skis. Many trails offer easy access for beginners and remote areas for wildlife viewing, while the trails with long stretches of open area are well suited for the more athletic skier looking to burn some calories. Try Crow Creek Loop, Aspen, Blackjack or Dilly Dally trails for a day of fun.

3. Fat biking

Recently, fat bikes have become fixtures on groomed multi-use trails. Ridden at low tire pressure, fat bikes float on surfaces where normal mountain bike tires would sink, and that makes for great access to backcountry sights and sounds. With many months of snow-cover in Southeast Wyoming, a fat bike can keep you in great shape all winter long. Locals highly recommend Haunted Forest and Snowshoe trails as the best fat bike experiences and note that Stone Temple Circuit is a consistently dependable route.

4. Craft beer scene

Looking for a way to relax after the trails, or just want to stay indoors to begin with? Wyoming’s Capitol City boasts a growing craft beer scene. Three downtown Cheyenne breweries offer an array of choices.

Freedom’s Edge Brewing Co. gets the nod as Cheyenne’s oldest craft brewer. Named after the year Wyoming achieved statehood, the 1890 IPA is its signature beer, but they have eight unique styles on tap at any given time. Danielmark’s Brewery Company offers a variety of handcrafted ales. It opened its doors in the spring of 2016 after the owners refurbished an old home and turned it into their taproom. Accomplice Beer Company, housed in the historic Cheyenne Depot, is a unique concept of self-pour taps and has a newly expanded food menu. Self-pour taps allow customers to sample a variety of beers without having to purchase a full pint, giving folks complete control of their house-crafted beer choices.

5. Indoor attractions

Although Cheyenne’s outdoor winter activities are enjoyable, even more memories can be made in the city’s indoor treasures. Duck inside the tropical Grand Conservatory at the Cheyenne Botanic Gardens if the cold gets to be too much. Revel in Cheyenne’s rich pioneer and railroad history at the Depot Museum, or explore the vibrant art scene downtown. Cheyenne is home to a variety of museums and a couple historic hotels that will pique your interest. You’ll also find an eclectic selection of shopping and dining options that are sure to lead to a truly unique experience. Cheyenne should be on your radar if you’re looking to experience the American West in any season, but winter sure has its charms.

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