Grand Teton Lodge Company
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Serving Up an Experience of a Lifetime

Grand Teton National Park’s superb scenery is matched by its sustainable menu…and a giant s’more

By Kathy Thorne

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Executive Chef Josh Conrad at Grand Teton Lodge Company in Grand Teton National Park

When Josh Conrad took on his role as Executive Chef at Grand Teton Lodge Company in Grand Teton National Park, he had a vision: to create cuisine that compliments what our national parks represent. He also had a personal mission: creating a legacy of sustainability to preserve this beautiful environment for his daughter, who he’s raising in the Tetons.

Executive Chef Josh Conrad at Grand Teton Lodge Company in Grand Teton National Park

What he didn’t expect to become a part of his vision was baking a Guinness Book of World Records-worthy, 440-pound giant s’more.

Cooking right

Jackson Lake Lodge in Grand Teton National Park

For the past four years at Jackson Lake Lodge, Josh has led a movement to focus Grand Teton’s menu toward local and regional products, seasonal foods and healthier options. He believes chefs should be the social conscience of our society by serving food that nourishes the body and provoking discussions about fresh ingredients untreated by chemicals or fillers. Josh has held fast to this mantra, even when faced with the feat of making a giant marshmallow delight.

Year after year, Josh has orchestrated change by pushing the envelope on the perception of food in a national park. He personally visits local farms and ranches and organizes programs to bring in local and regional products, such as potatoes from nearby eastern Idaho for fresh-cut French fries and breakfast potatoes. He doesn’t purchase or use processed cheese for and doesn’t allow frozen or pre-packaged products in his kitchens.

Jackson Lake Lodge in Grand Teton National Park

Now, Josh is following the Grand Teton Lodge Company’s lead of using green cleaning products. He also spearheaded a movement toward compostables for to-go supplies like paper straws for the famous Pioneer Grill milkshakes, and biodegradable plastic kitchen gloves and garbage bags.

Josh has been pleased to see some of his vision come to fruition, but as he recognizes the progress, he makes it clear that there is still a long way to go.

Building the s’more

Grand Teton Lodge Company staff make Guinness World Record giant s'more

But with work also comes fun.

One day, the Grand Teton Lodge Company’s vice president passed Josh in the hallway and brought up the idea of a giant s’more. Off-the-wall ideas like that stick with Josh, and he mentioned it to his pastry chefs. Jenny Strong and Audrey Clous immediately jumped on board. They were soon amazed at the amount of preparation required just to have their application for the attempt approved by Guinness, not to mention actually making the s’more from scratch—and with wholesome, natural ingredients.

Three months after their application submission to Guinness, Josh’s team was granted permission to proceed. Before Josh and his team could start mixing, they had to meet the parameters required to qualify their giant s’more as the world record. It took employees from several departments to make the giant s’more dream a reality.

The engineering team created special equipment to get the giant graham crackers in the oven, while the marketing department documented and promoted the attempt. Josh’s administrative assistant, Jocelyn Leudtke orchestrated the record collection, video collaboration and scheduling of independent observers, as well as obtaining a certified scale, technician and the supervision of the county health inspector.

Grand Teton Lodge Company staff make Guinness World Record giant s'more

Josh beamed with appreciation as he reflected on the collaboration and cooperation that allowed them to flawlessly pull off the Guinness World Record for the World’s Largest S’more. With a smile, he admitted that while he had incredible faith in his team and pastry chef, he wasn’t so confident in the taste of the finished s’more. To his delight, he said that just like all of his other creations throughout the season, the 440-pound s’more was delicious! A requirement of the feat was that it had to be consumed in the same day that it was made, which turned out to be the easy part. The campfire favorite was promptly gobbled up by the employees and guests who witnessed the event, and as a result, s’mores will soon become a signature item on the dessert menu.

The official notification that Josh and his team accomplished their goal of breaking the Guinness Book of World Records for the World’s Largest S’more is expected to arrive any day now.

Get a taste of Grand Teton National Park’s beautiful surroundings and equally exquisite dining.