Albany County, Wyoming

All Trails Lead to Laramie!

Welcome to Laramie—Explore “The Gem City of the Plains”

Laramie Wyoming, is an unparalleled summer and winter vacation getaway with a colorful history. Whether you’re looking for great food, historic walking tours, great museums or outdoor adventure we have something for everyone. The Snowy Range Scenic Byway is a spectacular “cut-across” for travelers. Some travelers drive straight through in one shot, but this Byway is best enjoyed by a leisurely drive with plenty of stops to take in the serenity and solitude of the Snowy Range. A short hike will take you to breath-taking vistas and secluded lakes with abundant fish.  Just beyond the Laramie town limits, this spectacular road will take you through the high plains of old western movies and dime store novels. The historic mining town of Centennial, at the foot of the Rocky Mountains, just 27 miles west of Laramie, with abundant dining and lodging options.

Downtown Laramie mural tour


There is more to Laramie, Wyoming than the Wild West. As far back as territorial days, while men were breaking laws women were making history. On September 6, 1970 in Laramie, Seventy year old Louisa Swain made her way downtown - a route she know by heart. It was Election Day and she became the first Women to vote in a general election in the United States and the World. That same year other Wyoming women became part of history, Eliza Stewart was the first woman subpoenaed to serve on a court jury. Martha Symons Boies became the first woman in the world appointed as a bailiff. Come to Laramie and celebrate throughout the year with special events planned for the summer 2019 and 2020!  Also visit the Wyoming House for Historic Women Museum, downtown Laramie (On 2nd Street between Garfield and Grand)


Native Americans, fur trappers, frontier forts, the Union Pacific Railroad and famous outlaws are just some aspects of Laramie’s rich western heritage — a heritage Hollywood was keen to build upon. Western movies and TV shows peaked in the 1950s and 1960s. More than 14 TV shows and movies were set in the Laramie area, like the TV show “Laramie” (1959-63) starring John Smith and Robert Fuller. Visit Laramie this summer 2019. Celebrate “Laramie’s 60 Year Anniversary Reunion” July 12-14 relive the western Hollywood magic!

Laramie Jubilee Days

A taste of the old west festival-style. Featuring rodeos, a carnival, a parade, live music and Wyoming’s best brewfest. Laramie Jubilee Days is a citywide, weeklong party in the center of historic downtown. July 4th, locals celebrate “Freedom has a Birthday,” a party in Washington Park honoring Wyoming’s induction into the union on July 10, 1890. Join the festivities and relive the Wild West — with all the amenities of the 21st century.

Laramie hosts festivals, celebrations and competitions year round. Check out our Calendar of Events.