Devils Tower National Monument
Devils Tower National Monument

West of the Divide, Battle Lake shimmers below the road and the peaks of Red Mountain. A series of historical markers provide information about the copper mining boom that occurred in this region from 1897-1907. One near Battle Lake explains the connection between Thomas Edison’s development of the incandescent light bulb and a fishing trip on the lake.

As the road descends toward the Little Snake River Valley, the vegetation changes as well. There are far more aspen groves west of the Divide. As you depart the forest and drive toward Baggs, you have a last explosion of color to anticipate: Battle Mountain, covered with service berry and scrub oak, making it a profusion of red, yellow and orange during September and early October.

To view the aspens at their peak each fall, time your trip for the last two weeks in September. You can find out if the colors are “early” or “late” by contacting the Brush Creek-Hayden Ranger District in Saratoga at (307) 326-5258. Bear in mind this turning of the leaves happens at the hand of Mother Nature so there is no precise way to predict the best time to see the fall colors.

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State of Wyoming/County Economic Travel Impact Report

Below is a travel impact data tool that allows users to find and download research information specific to Wyoming and each of its counties.  You will be able to find data specific to direct spending, earnings, employment and tax receipts.
*Note: This interactive report should be viewed on desktop and laptop computers, a mobile version is not available at this time.

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