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Celebrating Its 100th Anniversary. #FindYourPark

Yellowstone National Park

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This year, the National Park Service is celebrating its 100th anniversary. And it just so happens, Wyoming is home to the very first National Park: Yellowstone. Plus, we have the first National Monument: Devils Tower. In total, the state boasts an impressive 25 National Historic Landmarks and 11 nationally recognized recreation areas, trails and monuments. It goes without saying that this celebration is a pretty special one for our scenery. It also happens to be a good excuse for you to get out and enjoy all those national treasures. Think of this as your invitation to a 100th birthday party. All you have to bring is a passion for adventure.

To most, 100 years is more than a lifetime. It’s 100 birthdays. It’s 36,500 sunrises and sunsets. A grand total of 876,000 hours. In short, it’s something worth commemorating. And for Wyoming, this centennial brings a special opportunity for reflection.

The best way to look back? Dust off the old photographs. In most cases, placing photographs of past and present side-by-side is a sure way to recognize change. But when you compare century-old photos of Wyoming’s sprawling landscape with snapshots from today, something puzzlingly beautiful becomes clear: not much has changed. Majesty Endures.

The same majesty that called to visitors from far and wide decades ago is still alive and well today. The cars on the winding gravel roads may look different, but the scenery out the window is just as breathtaking. A lot has happened between then and now: countless first camping trips, plenty of climbs to spine-tingling vistas, tons of once-in-a-lifetime fish tales. But it’s both comforting and refreshing to know that in a world where new “must-haves” are manufactured every day and technology changes by the microsecond, Wyoming is still a place where true majesty endures.

Breathtaking scenery, wildlife and recreational opportunities abound within the thousands of sprawling acres that make up Wyoming’s National and State Parks. You’ll never be far from a picturesque escape. View all of Wyoming's National Parks Adventures below or get more Information on Wyoming State Parks Here.


Don’t forget to join the social conversation by using #FindYourPark to track your adventures and follow others.

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Join the Fun

Ready to join the celebration? Start by planning your own visit to any one of our national treasures. Here are a few events and ideas for inspiration:

  1. Treasures on the Big Screen – See Wyoming’s national treasures highlighted in the IMAX Film: National Parks Adventure. Releasing February 2016.
  2. Lake Yellowstone Hotel 125th Anniversary – Book your stay early to join in the celebration at this Historical Landmark. The official festivities are set for May 13, 2016.
  3. Every Kid in a Park – As part of the centennial celebration, 4th graders and their families get free admission to Wyoming’s 36 National Park Service sites, state parks and the National Historic Trails Interpretive Center.
  4. Gardiner Gateway Project – This special project is a partnership between local, state and federal agencies to restore and enhance the original and only year-round entrance to Yellowstone. Visit the project website for additional information on updates, and public events to be held in August around the unveiling. 
  5. Centennial Celebration – August 25, 2016 – Look for updates in our events calendar for happenings around the state.

Don’t forget to join the social conversation by using #FindYourPark to track your adventures and follow others.

Majesty Endures

The same majesty that called to visitors from far and wide decades ago is still alive and well today.


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