Destination Marketing Specialist Certification Program

Destination Marketing Specialist Certification Program (DMS)


Wyoming Office of Tourism offers a free professional certification program for individuals and businesses who work with the traveling public. The purpose of the program is to acknowledge frontline personnel as certified travel professionals, develop a trained and knowledgeable workforce for the travel and tourism industry, and create a more visitor friendly Wyoming.

Wyoming is blessed to have some of the very best scenery, recreation, and people in the world. Visitors come from all over the globe to enjoy our wide open spaces, abundant wildlife and western hospitality. It is our privilege to serve them and to do so in a manner that makes our state proud and leaves the visitor wanting to return time and again. Let us help you and your frontline staff gain knowledge about Wyoming that will result in better service experiences for our visitors!

We encourage registration for you and your staff in Wyoming Office of Tourism’s Destination Marketing Specialist Program (DMS). This self-study program allows participants to learn in the style and time that best suits them, and then tests their knowledge of the state and their ability to utilize available resources to find information. In addition to the improved customer service enjoyed by the visitor, the knowledge gained will benefit both employee and employer. There is no cost to participate in the program.

The certification program consists of three levels of recognition with each testing level increasing in difficulty. Candidates use an online test to show their knowledge of the state of Wyoming and how well they can access information. Topics include, but are not limited to, geography, history, culture, traveler safety, flora and fauna, attractions, hunting and fishing, and the economic impact of travel and tourism. Access to the online test can be obtained on request.

Testing Progression

The Destination Marketing Specialist Program allows participants to continually expand their knowledge by working through three tiers of testing- Outrider, Wrangler and Trail Boss. The tests are progressively challenging, and the incentive package is designed with that in mind. Those individuals that reach the Trail Boss level have earned the right to call themselves experts on Wyoming and become resources for the entire frontline network.   

Business Certification

The Destination Marketing Specialist program certifies businesses too! Organizations that certify a certain percentage of their staff at various levels can obtain their own progressive designation as a certified travel professional organization.

Benefits to Employers:

  • Reduces Turnover
    • Employees who don’t receive guidance or have difficulty learning the ropes are much more likely to leave your company. Employees are less likely to leave if they have the opportunity to learn new skills and keep up within their industry.
  • Improves job satisfaction and morale
    • Investing time and money in employees’ knowledge makes them feel valued and appreciated, and it challenges them to learn more and get more involved in their jobs. Higher job satisfaction ultimately results in reduced turnover and high productivity.
  • Reduces the need for employee supervision
    • Not only does knowledge-based training teach employees how to do their jobs better, but it also helps them work more independently and develop a can-do attitude. Training’s effects ripple throughout the organization.
  • Impacts to the bottom line
    • Successful employee training delivers improvements in employee performance which, in turn, creates a better performing business, better public service, and an improved bottom line.
  • Remaining Competitive
    • Businesses and organizations must continually charge their work practices and infrastructure to stay competitive in a global market. As economies become progressively service oriented, it is the training and development of people that is providing successful businesses with long-term sustainable success.


For more information about the DMS Prorgam contact:

Lee Anne Cash
NEWWC Supervisor
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