Annual Reports

The Wyoming Office of Tourism (WOT) partners with several research partners to capture essential facts and figures related to Wyoming’s tourism industry as well as the WOT's performance metrics on an annual basis.  Details are provided below and you may find reports from 2015 and 2014.

Be sure to check out the travel impact data tool where you will find research information specific to Wyoming and each of its counties!


2015 Facts and Figures

2015 Year in Review
The Wyoming Office of Tourism Year in Review is a highlight of WOT's results and accomplishments from the previous calendar year.

State of Wyoming/County Economic Travel Impact Report and 2015 SMARI Overnight Visitor Profile
The Economic Travel Impact Report and the Overnight Visitor Profile provide an overview of the latest Wyoming research findings in further detail which reported 10.5 million overnight visitors and direct spending of $3.3 billion in 2015.  This data is courtesy of Dean Runyan & Associates and SMARInsights.

The Wyoming Office of Tourism Advertising Awareness and Advertising Effectiveness ROI research provides that latest Wyoming Office of Tourism’s performance metrics related to the advertising efforts. This data is courtesy of SMARInsights.
The Wyoming Office of Tourism's Official Travelers Journal (OTJ) Readership Study analysis captures how potential visitors interact with the OTJ.  This data is courtesy of Destination Analysts.
The Wyoming Office of Tourism’s Balance Score Card is a compilation of industry figures provided to the Governor’s Office annually to highlight the performance of the WOT.  This data is tracked in-house.

2014 Facts and Figures

2014 Year in Review 2014 Dean Runyan Economic Impact- County Breakouts
2014 SMARI Overnight Visitor Profile 2014 Official Travelers Journal Exec Summary
2014 SMARI Advertising Awareness 2014 Official Travelers Journal Full Report
2014 SMARI Advertising Effectiveness ROI  


State of Wyoming/County Economic Travel Impact Report

Below is a travel impact data tool that allows users to find and download research information specific to Wyoming and each of its counties.  You will be able to find data specific to direct spending, earnings, employment and tax receipts.
*Note: This interactive report should be viewed on desktop and laptop computers, a mobile version is not available at this time.


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