Marketing Strategy

Marketing Strategy

The Wyoming Office of Tourism is your official state office charged with promoting Wyoming as a vacation destination. This is done through many programs and varying efforts.

By creating and implementing a fully integrated marketing campaign, WOT adds strength to the Wyoming travel industry; an industry made up almost exclusively of small, independent businesses.


That's WY Brand Platform

Why visit Wyoming? The breathtaking landscapes speak for themselves. And our campaign brings them to life in all their glory. But the "That's WY" brand platform is designed to connect with audiences on a deeper emotional level. Grand visual statements are paired with thoughtful philosophical statements that tap into the mindset of those seeking our unique brand experience. Everything we do is meant to capture the "epic intimacy" you feel when you're here, unleashing your uninhibited spirit of adventure in the great state of Wyoming. 

That'sWY Brand Ecosystem

Content Marketing plays an essential role in the That's WY brand platform, and is the heart of all owned branded platforms including: the Official Traveler's Journal (OTJ),, website artlices and listings, the monthly e-newsletter, and all social channels.