Meet Our Staff

The Wyoming Office of Tourism works to bring non-resident visitors to Wyoming. By actively marketing Wyoming as a vacation destination to both the domestic and international markets, this division contributes significantly to Wyoming’s economy by building a strong tourism industry. In addition, the Film, Arts & Entertainment program markets Wyoming locations to production companies and promotes Wyoming’s cultural amenities to further increase economic development and statewide tourism.

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Diane Shober
Executive Director
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Diane leads the WOT staff in the development and execution of programs and policies that achieve the mission and goals of the Wyoming Office of Tourism. She is responsible for the fiscal management and expenditures of all appropriated funds and serves as the primary point of contact with the governor and his/her key staff, legislators, other elected officials and directors of other state executive branch agencies. She serves at the discretion of the Wyoming Tourism Board.


Business Operations

Anita Benton
Director of Business Operations
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Anita develops and manages all operational functions that support the WOT brand and marketing incentives. She directs and manages all of the accounting and financial functions of WOT including the development and maintenance of WOT’s budget. She leads an excellent and dedicated business operations team to make sure all internal controls and operating procedures concur with laws, rules and regulations.

Amanda Roberts
Accounting Manager
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Amanda’s primary role is to analyze, reconcile and report financial information to ensure accuracy and compliance with WOT financial and accounting policies. In addition, she works alongside the Director of Business Operations with the preparation, development and reporting of the budget and annual audit.


Cindy Weekly
Accounting Coordinator
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Cindy supports all accounts receivable and accounts payable functions of the office; she process vendor payments and monitors contracts; manages inventory and archiving; prepares and maintains records of all point-of-sale inventory and sales.


Kim Koester
Business Services Sr. Coordinator 
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Kim greets everyone who enters the doors at the office.  She answers and fulfills customer request by providing vacation planning information and answering questions about Wyoming. She performs executive-level administrative and support duties for the WOT Board of Directors, the Executive Director and Global Sales and Services department. She assures the procurement process for RFP’s is managed appropriately, RFP and Contract development and tracking. 

Global Sales & Services

James Scoon
Director of Global Sales and Services
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James develops and implements an effective Global Sales and Services strategic plan and oversees collaboration with external partners and internal teams to set international marketing benchmarks for success. He also oversees the Global Sales & Services team that is dedicated to developing new and existing relationships with international trade as well as the WY tourism industry by assuring timely and relevant communication and services at the highest level.


Jenny McCullough
Global Sales and Services Integration Manager
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Jenny's role is to build out and manage a comprehensive brand strategy for WOT's international markets.  She is responsible for monitoring market travel trends and building out new marketing plans in markets with the highest ROI opportunities.  Jenny works with industry partners to develop education and outreach programs, and also serves as the main point of contact for the Asia Markets.   


Jenn Adu
Global Sales and Services Partner Activation Manager
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Jenn serves as the primary contact for the motor coach/package travel industry and executes a marketing strategy to reach the domestic travel trade. She coordinates Wyoming's trade familiarization tours and actively participates in trade shows to enhance and maximize the WY products being offered.  Jenn also works to provide guidance to WY suppliers and fosters and nurtures new and existing industry relationships.  

Brand Studio


Michell Howard
Senior Director of Brand Strategy
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Michell develops and executes a winning brand strategy and establishes priorities for consumer marketing/client services. She also oversees internal Brand Studio areas of focus, processes and workflow in addition to managing a team that is creative and committed to excellence.

Angelina Cisneros
Brand Studio Senior Coordinator
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Angelina's primary role is to support and facilitate the implementation of all functions of the Brand Studio. She prioritizes workflow, sets expectations and oversees project tracking across all programs of the Brand Studio including Strategic Partnerships, Visitor Engagement, Brand Integration and Media/Public Relations.

Tia Troy
PR and Media Manager
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Tia serves as the official spokesman for WOT and oversees all external communications as it relates to the media and the public.  She also develops, manages and executes WOT’s PR and Media strategy and assists with Team Wyoming.


Kristin Phipps
Brand Integration Senior Manager
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Kristin leads agency wide integration of marketing efforts and manages the Agency of Record (AOR) including all advertising campaign activity and results. She also oversees all WOT brand standards and the development of supportive media and content in relation to the campaigns.

Darin Lundberg
Interactive Marketing Manager
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Darin’s main responsibilities lie with the quality and integrity of all WOT websites, both public and internal. He provides constant analysis of web technologies, environments, and applications while assuring timely and relevant evolution's of the WOT platforms. Darin works to provide guidance on all aspects of web development and contracts.

Amanda Scherlin
Content Marketing Manager
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Amanda develops and executes an integrated content strategy across all owned, earned and paid media channels.  She also facilitates content coordination and collaboration among WOT in-state industry partners.  In addition, she oversees the development of Wyoming's Official Travelers Journal (OTJ).

Kacey Caldwell
Content Marketing Sr. Coordinator
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Kacey is responsible for the development and management of all social media, publications and content marketing efforts across paid, owned and earned marketing channels. In addition, she oversees the development of the e-newsletter, blogs, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), and ensures an engaging social media presence.

Charles Lammers 
Creative Assets Manager 
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Charles manages and maintains a Digital Asset Management System to support industry, film and media requests.  He provides graphic design services and production for all brand collateral and oversees the operation and maintenance of all in-house production equipment related to film, photography production and editing.



Cameron Ross
Strategic Partnerships Senior Manager
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Cameron directs corporate and non-traditional partnership development aimed at maximizing opportunities, delivering value to Wyoming visitors and raising the visibility of the Wyoming brand. He also oversees the collaboration efforts between partner organizations and WOT departments and assures timely and relevant communication with these partners.

Britney Butler
Industry Relations Manager
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Britney oversees the industry development strategy and technical assistance offerings by aligning WOT program opportunities with partner objectives. In addition, she develops and manages ongoing advocacy efforts and serves as a liaison between WOT and federal, state, tribal and industry partners on collaborative marketing and development initiatives.

Abigail Martin
Brand Partnerships Sr. Coordinator & Film Liaison
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Abigail serves as the primary coordinator for all partner marketing co-ops, and corporate and non-traditional marketing partnerships. She is also the central point of contact for industry partners seeking support with business, events, and special deals listed on WOT’s consumer website. Abigail also facilitates all film inquiries for WOT.


Monica Taylor-Lee
Visitor Engagement Senior Manager
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Monica identifies, implements and evaluates in-market partnership opportunities focused on enhancing consumer engagement and strengthening Wyoming’s brand associations. She also leads a professional team of welcome center supervisors, integrates welcome center programs with WOT marketing campaigns and guides the industry network.

Becky Ward
SE Welcome Center Supervisor 
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Becky assists the Visitor Services department with project management, program support tasks and other administrative duties. She also greets and assists travelers year round to ensure the highest level of customer service to the visitors during their Wyoming trip.