Meet Our Board

The nine-member Wyoming Tourism Board, made up of 6 district and 3 at-large appointees, is appointed by the Governor and confirmed in the Senate. For more detailed information about this board please check out the Wyoming Tourism Board Development Plan.  Below you will find a list of the current Board Members, the Board Minutes and the Board Agendas.

The next Board conference call is scheduled for Monday, November 21st at 3:00 p.m. 



Darren Rudloff
Chairman- District 1
Term Expires 2/28/18
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Jim Waldrop
Vice Chairman - At Large
Term Expires 2/28/17
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Sandy Newsome
Immediate Past Chairman- District 5
Term Expires 2/28/17
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Mandy Moody Phillips
District 3
Term Expires 2/28/18
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Liisa Anselmi Dalton
District 4
Term Expires 2/28/19
Email Liisa

John Rutter
District 6
Term Expires 2/28/19
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Rosanne Driskill
At Large
Term Expires 2/28/18
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CJ Box
At Large
Term Expires 2/28/19
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Mark Kupke
District 2
Term Expires 2/28/17
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Board Agendas

2016 Board Agenda Archives
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Willing To Serve?

If you are a member of the Wyoming Tourism industry and are interested in serving on the Wyoming Tourism Board... Click Here >>

Board Vision Statement - The Wyoming Tourism Board is the leading proponent of the state’s tourism/hospitality industry. The Board provides governance and policy oversight for the state Office of Tourism.

Board Structure - The board shall be comprised of nine (9) members who shall be employed in or associated closely with the travel industry. The board shall be appointed by the Governor, and approved with the advice and consent of the Senate, in accordance with W.S. 28-12-101 through 12 28-12-103. According to statute, no appointed member shall serve more than two (2) consecutive three (3) year terms.

For those interested in applying for this vacancy, please go to to download the application. Completed applications must be submitted to the office of Governor Matt Mead for consideration. The persons appointed to serve will do so until February 28, 2019 when the term expires. Please contact Governor Mead's office, 307-777-7434, if you have questions.


For more information contact: 

Vicki Morris
Business Services Senior Coordinator
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