Wyoming’s Welcome Centers

Visitor centers are the ultimate resource for your road trip in Wyoming. The best part is, there are several all throughout the state, so chances are, your route will likely cross paths with one of these established resources. (Each star on the map below represents a Wyoming visitor’s center.)

Wyoming Brewery Map

Not only do they serve as an ideal spot to take a break from your drive, stretch your legs, stage a photo op or take Sparky out for a quick jaunt, they are also a great spot for tapping into the expert advice of our welcome center staff. At every center,  you'll be greeted with a warm Wyoming welcome and offered a plethora of information to help your trip go as smoothly as possible. You'll receive information like road maps, insider tips, free travel guides, informational brochures, and more. To show you just how awesome our centers are, we polled our visitor center staff  throughout the state to help describe all that  they offer, as well as answer a few commonly asked questions along the way. Here's what they had to say:

Why should people visit a welcome center? "Visitors should stop at a welcome center because there are many benefits to speaking with someone that knows Wyoming.  We can advise them on the best travel routes, the must-sees and not-to-miss, plus we transfer our enthusiasm for Wyoming to them." --Lee Anne Ackerman, Northeast Welcome Center Supervisor. Brady Brinton,Southeast Welcome Center Supervisor added "The South East Center acts as the front porch of Wyoming to those entering the state via Colorado and Nebraska. It is a great place to be greeted and welcomed into the state. The Southeast center offers not only an educational and informative experience, but a fun one as well. In Wyoming we are very proud of our welcome centers, as we feel they should be much more than just a place to stretch your legs and use the facilities, but rather an attraction in their own right."

 What do you like helping visitors with most? "I love helping people discover something new that they hadn't heard about before their trip."- Lee Anne Ackerman, Northeast Welcome Center Supervisor "A total pleasure of mine is to help visitors that have difficulty with the English language to have the "best vacation ever".  It might stem from the fact that when I sought out help when vacationing in Europe, people helped me. So its  gratifying to let them know I can help with their vacation needs, especially scenic routes and accommodations ¦and the best is when I  can, at the last minute, get them a suite at the Old Faithful Inn.BLISS!!!!"--Nancy Herdt, Sheridan Welcome Center Staff "People come to find out what is happening locally; discover some of the out-of-the-way places; and, interact with staff."--Carol , Southeast Welcome Center


What are some commonly asked questions from visitors: "Well, for us at the Northeast Wyoming Welcome Center there are two questions that we answer for most visitors that come through our doors: "How far is it to Devils Tower?" and "How far is Yellowstone?".  We answer explaining that  [Devils Tower] is a great spot and it's only 20 miles away [from the Northeast Welcome Center] “well worth the drive.  When they hear the answer to the Yellowstone question, once they get over the shock at the remaining distance, we give them all the options for getting to the park that will best enhance their trip and make it well worth their while."  Kathaleen Spencer, Welcome Center Specialist.

What  information is available at Wyoming Visitor Centers?: "Information that can be obtained at a visitor center range from a state map to publications about federal sites that are within our state. Every county is represented and, for instance, if you are in the northern part of the state and  going to the southwest corner, we have brochures and area publications and guides. Knowledge is power and we want to educate the traveler so that together we can craft the best possible vacation experience. We want the visitor to feel welcome and informed!"- Nancy Herdt, Sheridan Welcome Center "Visitors can find a brochure or magazine on Wyoming history, activities, communities, land formations, etc.  They can find information on pretty much anything their heart desires.  AND it's all free!"-- Becky Ward, Southeast Welcome Center    "We have so much printed information to offer, it's kind of crazy. Of course, the items we hand out the most are the Wyoming Official Travelers Journal and the Wyoming highway map. The next most popular items pertain to Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks. Some other brochures we offer include a 120 year old general store in Aladdin, historic Indian war sites, the Beartooth Pass scenic route, dude ranches, ATV rentals, coal mine tours . . . you name it, we've got it!"- Kathaleen Spencer, Welcome Center Specialist. 

What are the most memorable moments   "Overhearing a dad tell his son "If you listen you'll have more fun".  That's our motto.  "- Becky Ward, Southeast Welcome Center "Probably the funny looks I see from people first hearing how small our population is.  Many don't know much about  small communities  and all the wonderful things there are to see.- Katie M, Southeast Welcome Center Convinced yet? Another incentive to visiting these friendly folks is to get some extra Wyoming swag! Each time you visit one of the specified locations, you'll get to add another nifty Wyoming sticker to your collection. What are you waiting for? Hit the open road, and while you're at it, stop in and visit our centers for some helpful, friendly information.