On the Wings of a Wyoming Dove

Yesterday Wyoming cowboy JR Vezain earned a berth in the championship rounds of Rodeo Houston this weekend but the professional bareback rider went on quite a rollicking rumble before the chute gate even opened. The horse, also from Wyoming and owned by Summit Rodeo Company based in Centennial, apparently felt intruded upon rearing up, sending JR down.

Most of us would be in shock or unconscious after a smashing like Vezain took. He just chortled like a kid on a carnival ride and proceeded to go for a big score on a great 14-year-old bucking horse called “Morning Dove” that was off last year for maternity leave. Let’s just say her dove-like qualities were not clearly evident when Vezain climbed aboard.

JR spoke with us today about his chute antics last night. Our video is from a live broadcast on FOXSports Southwest and is courtesy of Rodeo Houston.


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